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Benefits of the Animated Product Label™

Hosted on Your Product Website, the APL Provides

  • Animations which highlight important areas of your product label (PL) based on the FDA-approved full prescribing information.
    • Animations will describe the mechanism of action (MOA) of your drug, indications and contraindications, disease pathophysiology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and clinical studies.
  • Animations provide specific instructions on administration. (i.e., dosing, reconstitution, storage, and special patient considerations)
  • Animations explain patient or consumer information from the product label such as "how to self-administer" injectable therapies.

Complementing your efforts with healthcare professionals, animations can position your product with patients in a more engaging way to ensure a higher rate of compliance and adherence. The APL can be paused, reversed, and have storyboards which help patients truly understand key areas related to the medication they are taking.