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Reach Healthcare Professionals

  • There are currently 830,000 pharmaceutical prescribers in the United States.
  • Approximately 23% of primary care physicians and 28% of specialists will not see reps and prefer computer-based e-detailing.
  • 92% of diagnostic radiologists will not see reps.
  • 42% of doctors offices (with 10 physicians or more) will not see reps.
  • 65% of healthcare professionals in the United States, use handheld technologies.
  • The APL will reach physicians who do not see reps as well as those that do see reps.

Multi-Purpose Marketing Tool

PowerPoint slides, leaflets and storyboards, can be integrated alongside animations making the APL an effective teaching tool.

Powerful Search Engine, Links and Ease of Use

The APL platform uses a powerful search engine allowing for easier navigation through the product label and can be hosted on your Company’s Website. This allows for the user to quickly click and access the information they are seeking. All product label references are linked to published studies via PubMed.