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Use the APL™ to its fullest potential

The APL has many potential uses supporting the product within the typical product life cycle, for example:

  • Sales Representative Training at launch
  • Selling Materials in mobile apps
  • Product Website
  • Patient Education
  • And more...

Compatibility: The APL is a proven multi-purpose communications tool and is completely compatible with all modern hand-held/mobile devices. A full demonstration of this capability will be provided upon request.

Rep Training
The APL can be used to provide rep training on the Product Label (PL) in preparation for product launches. For example, animations will help reps understand the mechanism of action, the pathophysiology of the indication, pharmacokinetics, as well as bring to life clinical trials from the full prescribing information.

Rep Selling Aid
The information and the animations in the APL can be adapted for iPad and smart phone usage, thus providing reps with the ability to use any of the content while detailing.

Lunch & Learns
Since all the animations are produced with audio narration, reps can use them for “Lunch & Learns”, in doctors offices, at hospital meetings, or at convention booths.

Formulary Submissions
Contents of the APL can be placed on a DVD and/or USB key submitted as part of a formulary submission package.

Target Marketing Campaigns
Via e-mail, fax or direct mail, we can ensure that your target audience is fully informed about your new product through targeted marketing campaigns.

APLs Benefit Multiple Stakeholders

  • Family Physicians & Specialists
  • Pharmacists
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Formulary & 3rd Party Payers
  • Company Reps
  • Training Managers
  • Medical & Regulatory Affairs
  • Marketing Managers